Senate To Give Limited Money From Stimulus To Casinos In Nevada

The House of Representatives has already approved the stimulus package that has been pushed by President Barack Obama. The Senate is getting close to passing the plan, but has made some changes to the original copy.

One of those changes involves an amendment that was offered up by Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma. There will now be a restriction on money for any casino or gaming establishment in the state of Nevada.

Majority leader Harry Reid voted against the amendment, but the other Senator from Nevada, John Ensign, voted in favor of the change. The amendment, which also allows for no money to be spent on golf courses, aquariums, zoos, or museums, passed by a 73-24 vote.

Coburn pointed out such projects as the new mob museum as a reason the amendment needed to be passed. He claimed that the money from the stimulus package should go to more high priority projects.

It is not as if Nevada casinos were going to receive any of the money anyway. The gaming lobbyists in the state had not requested and money from the stimulus package. The amendment served as more of a safeguard than an actual change in plans.

The economy in Nevada is highly reliant on the state’s casinos. In the past year revenue has decreased drastically at many of these casinos, and with the economy getting worse before it gets better, it is a dangerous time for the casinos and the state.