Sheriff’s Office In Tampa, Florida Wants Money From Gambling Bust

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It has become almost a weekly occurrence that small illegal gambling operations are being busted up by authorities in the US. Convenience stores with a couple of gambling machines is a common target of these raids.

In Florida, a forfeiture lawsuit by a local sheriff’s office is giving one reason as to why so many of these busts are occurring. In the lawsuit, the sheriff’s office is trying to claim $15,115 that they confiscated in a gambling bust.

Five people were arrested when police went to arrest a wanted person and found that a game of cards was taking place. Bruce warren was the one wanted, but the four others playing cards and dice were also taken into custody.

During the bust, authorities seized $688 from Warren. One of the other suspects, Leslie Coleman, had $10.442 in his pocket. That was also seized. The bust happened back on January 26th, and now the sheriff’s office wants the money.

If they win the right to the money, the sheriff’s office could keep it for their own, and that may be the underlying factor for all of the recent busts around the country.

While most of the raids are planned in advance, there are some like the one in Florida that come from officers looking for a person. Whatever the situation, the raids are happening with more frequency.

It is difficult for law enforcement to keep up with current laws these days. Gambling is a grey area in many states and that leads to individual agencies interpreting the law in their own manner. Many of the arrested parties in these busts end up being cleared of the charges.