Bonus Slots

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Bonus Slots are somehow similar to the original Three Reel slot machines. The big difference on these types of machines is the bonus feature that is readily available while playing the game. Basically, the bonus feature of Bonus Slots is a side-game. It will come up only when a player hits a certain symbol.

If the player wins the side-game, extra points will be given during the game. Every Bonus Slot game is designed with expertise in which a player will have the most amazing and exciting experience while collecting the winnings.

In order to be able to play the bonus features in Bonus Slots, you must hit every game using the maximum coin amount. It is very important to remember that in playing with Bonus Slots, wagering with the maximum coin amount is a good idea.

Because of the additional rewards that Bonus Slots offer to players, many slot gamblers are drawn to the game. The additional bonus rounds of the game will give players the chance to get free spins that can be used during the game. Other bonus games will double the player’s winnings thus giving a good opportunity for the player to increase current winnings.

There are also other games that give cash prizes to the players. An option to freeze the reels is also given out to the players in some Bonus Slot games. In playing with Bonus Slots, using the maximum coin amount is required to activate all the Bonus features.

An example of Bonus Slots game is the Sizzling Scorpion, which has a side-game where three scorpions are shown on the screen. The player has to choose which of the three scorpions will win the race. And if the player makes a right guess, a bonus prize will be given.

Every Bonus Slot contains a jackpot prize and usually amounts to 5,000. There are also Bonus Slot jackpots that only total to 3,000 dollars like the game of Diamond Deal.

Bonus Slots also contain many thrilling and exciting games just like the rest of the types of slot machines available in any casino, either land-based or online. The side-games of Bonus Slots that give out rewards and bonuses are the main reason why many slot players are opting to play with these games.

Having similarities with the original Three Reel slot machines, Bonus Slots are fun and really exciting to play – especially with the side-games. It means that the player has an additional chance of increasing winnings at hand and eventually win the Bonus Slot jackpots.

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