Seminole Casino Gambling Deal In Florida Could Be In Place Soon

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Lawmakers can be funny when it comes to their egos. They may agree with a certain law or principle, but if they are not part of the process, they will turn their backs to the issue. That is what has happened in the state of Florida.

Many legislators believe that there needs to be a compact with the Seminole Indians regarding expanded casino gambling, they just do not approve of the fact that one was created without including them in the decision making process.

So now, over a year after Governor Charlie Crist signed a compact with the Seminoles, the state may be just weeks away from approving a compact with the Seminole Indians. If that sounds confusing, it is because it is.

Governor Crist signed the compact but was blocked from enacting it because legislators appealed to the idea that Crist did not have the right to agree upon the compact without their help. The high court in Florida agreed and voided the compact.

Now, legislators have begun the process of reviewing the compact and some believe that they will approve a similar version in next months session.

The two key components that are being reviewed are the amount of revenue the state receives from the tribe’s casinos. Legislators feel that the original compact did not maximize state money. The other issue is parimutuels in Florida want the exclusivity clause removed because they feel they cannot compete if they are not on an even playing field with the Seminoles.

Compromise will be likely and the Seminoles are more than willing to do what it takes to get the compact completed. They are currently running an advertising campaign that is pushing a deal with the state.

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