Seminole Gambling Compact In Florida May Have To Wait Until March

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The man who has already successfully reached an agreement with the Seminole Indians in Florida involving casino gambling, believes there is little chance that lawmakers will have the same success next month.

A special legislative session has been called for next month to try and solve a $2.3 budget deficit. Casino gambling revenue from the Seminole Indians would have helped the budget deficit, but the governor does not believe the timing will be right.

Crist is hoping that a deal can be done, but expects that it will not be until the official legislative session in March begins. It is now up to lawmakers as to when they will again address the issue.

Crist has successfully negotiated a compact with the Seminoles that would have left the budget much less in debt right now, but legislators were upset they were not involved with the decision making process, and had the compact voided by the State Supreme Court.

Now, those same lawmakers are trying to negotiate a deal with the Seminoles, one that will most likely be similar to the one that Crist has already agreed on. In the meantime, the state is losing out on valuable revenue dollars the Seminoles are making by having blackjack and baccarat.

Among the recommendations that Crist submitted on Tuesday was that legislators finalize the compact with the Seminoles.

Governor Patterson Looking To Make New York A Gambling Empire

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The state of New York has the five boroughs, the Yankees, Broadway, and the Statue of Liberty. One thing that it never has been known for is their gambling. That may soon be changing.

Governor David Patterson is proposing major expansion of legalized gambling in the state. The money, he claims, is necessary to try and balance a budget deficit that is growing by the day.

“We believe that there is room for responsible growth in the gaming industry to help the state manage its fiscal difficulties,” said Matt Anderson, a state budget spokesman.

Patterson’s first order of business is to expand the operating hours for video lottery halls and Quick Draw games in the state. In addition, Patterson is proposing that more multi-state lotteries be added for New York residents.

“The expanded gambling would be a good thing. The more options people have, the more gambling they will do. At the end of the day, hopefully it will mean less taxes for us to pay,” said New York resident, Barry Shifter.

The money generated from the expanded gambling would go towards a budget deficit that is expected to be over $15 billion by the end of the next fiscal year. It is estimated that over $300 million would be gained in expanded gambling revenue under Patterson’s plan in the next two years.

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